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Healthy Indoor Environments​ 

  • Treatments specifically designed for use in AC Systems
  • Mold & Bacteria control through Rapid and Effective Treatment

Anti-Microbial Air Treatment

Committed to Improving Safe & Healthy Indoor Environments

Anti-Microbial Air Treatment is specifically designed for use in air conditioning systems to clean and sterilize air conditioning duct system. Our treatment comes in various arrangements for use against extensive mold or bacteria infestation that requires control through rapid and effective treatment.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean?


Not only can our HVAC system and air duct cleaning services improve your indoor air quality, it can also reduce the amount of energy you consume significantly reducing the costs on your utility bills.

What Is SBS?


Sick Building Syndrome is the term used to describe the situation where a building’s occupants suffer from acute health problems or discomforting symptoms that are directly related to time being spent in the building. Causes include; microbial contaminants, chemical contaminants and poor building ventilation. Symptoms caused as a result of exposure to these contaminants include irritation of the skin, throat, nose, and eyes, headaches, fatigue or dizziness to name a few.

Working to Prevent & Protect

ShieldAir™ indoor air professionals can assist with the removing potential causes of SBS by removing contaminants and minimizing microbial growth. By using our expertise and advanced air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration processes, ShieldAir™ can protect your commercial property and everyone inside of it.

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