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Keep Your Family Safe with AC Duct Cleaning & Disinfection

Help eliminate known triggers for Asthma & Allergies - clean your ducts and opt in for an healthy indoor enviorment

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Green Service

Safe for people, pets and 
our planet

peace of mind

Knowing that you are living in a safe, healthy environment

Nadca Certified

Certified service practices for improving indoor air quality & equipment life span

Quality Control

Monitor operations to ensure that they meet the required standards



The average person in UAE spends approximately 90% of the time indoors.

Keep your family safe

The air inside your home or office can be 10 times more polluted than air outside (Source: EPA)

  • How often should the AC Ducts to be cleaned and sanitized ?
    It is advised that the AC Duct System is professionally deep cleaned and sanitised once every two years as per the NADCA Standard, or every year in the case of any allergy sufferers in the household.
  • Will AC Cleaning improve my family's health and well being?
    Yes. It is a known fact that we spend over 90% of our times indoors in the region and we almost perennially depend on AC systems due to the regions dry and arid living conditions. When your AC system is contaminated with micro-dust, mould and other undesirable air-borne contaminants - they directly affect the family's health and well being due to respiration. This effect is more pre-dominant on children and the elderly who are more sensitive to allergic dust circulating in the home's AC system.
  • Will the treatment stop my AC from smelling ?
    Yes. Odours are caused by mould, bacteria and pathogens present in the various parts of the AC Ducts. Our Anti Microbial Fogging Treatment - in short AMFT, destroys these micro-organisms thereby eliminating the unpleasant smells from the AC System.
  • How long does the AC Duct Cleaning process take ?
    It depends on various factors and in most cases for an average houseold, the service requires 8 - 10 hours with continous access. However, we recommend you to take our free prelimanary inspection where our inspection teams will help in calculating the number of hours or days required for the service.
  • Do you use any harsh chemicals or steam ?
    Absolutely NO. Steam cleaning leads to eventual mould growth in to your ducts. On the other hand, harsh chemicals release slow toxic emissions which are harmful for the occupants. Hence our treatment is based on using green, enviromentally friendly products specifically developed for professional duct cleaning and disinfection.
  • Is cleaning AC by 'building maintenace' is different from your service?
    Yes. Generally, the building maintenance cleans your AC unit's filters and takes care of your routine AC operation only. However, our NADCA certified, professional deep cleaning is entirely a different service adressing the indoor air quality and indoor hygiene of your home which is carried out by our trained operatives using specialized equipment and procedures.
  • Will you provide any photos on the condtion of ducts 'before and after'?
    Obviously yes. We will provide you a High quality photo report once the service is completed. You can also ask our team's supervisor for photo updates during the service.
  • How soon can the property be used after the cleaning?
    We recommend you to use the property after 30 minutes once the service is completed. However our supervisors makes sure to handover a couple of completed rooms in advance for your comfortable occupancy prior to handover.

Reasons To Choose Us

When it comes to your commercial or residential property, don't hire just anyone to clean your Ducts. Our ShieldAir professionals have the training and tools necessary to not only get the job done right, but to have the results last. Our cleaners are ready to help you save energy and money while protecting your health.

We offer upfront, honest pricing on all our services.
We personalize our cleaning services to your needs.
We utilize a proven cleaning method with identifiable tasks.
We adhere to guidelines set by Local bodies & follow Standards set by NADCA, USA
We provide a picture report to verify that your AC system has been cleaned.
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